Terms And Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to visitors moorings:

* The person in charge of the vessel must supply the duty Mooring officer with the name and deck length of the

    vessel and pay the appropriate fee. He must receive a completed official Company receipt in return for the fee.


*The Mooring Officer acts as Agent only for the owner of the mooring.


*The Mooring Officer is not responsible for any death or injury caused to any person using this mooring save

    insofar as such death or injury results from the negligence of the Mooring Officer or servant, agent or employee of his


*The Mooring Officer is not responsible for Any loss or damage to the vessel, equipment or contents of the user.


*The user should check with the Mooring Officer to confirm that the mooring is adequate for their vessel.


*The user of the mooring shall indemnify the Mooring Officer against all claims of loss, damage, injury or death caused

   to any persons, vessels or things using the mooring.


*The user shall ensure that he is adequately insured for all such risks for which he may be liable.


*It may be necessary to raft vessels together in peak periods. The standard charge per vessel is still payable.

General Terms and Conditions for seasonal moorings are:

*Unless written permission has been gained from Helford River Moorings, the Hirer will ensure that when the vessel is

   attached to the mooring, it is at all times securely fixed to the Riser chain of the mooring, by the Pickup chain supplied.


*The Hirer will fully insure the vessel, with a reputable company and produce a certificate of the insurance if requested,

   for 3rd party liability and will indemnify Helford River Moorings and its Agents against all claims whatsoever which

   might arise as a result of the granting of this Agreement.


*The Hirer will not move the mooring in its geographical relationship with others. Nor will the Hirer change or interfere

   with any of the equipment attached to it nor lengthen in any way, the length of the connection between the mooring

   riser chain and the bow fairlead.


*The Hirer will accept that while the distance between the moorings is so calculated as to provide the best opportunity

   for a clear swinging room for the vessels authorised to occupy them under normal circumstances, there may be

   circumstances where wind, tidal or meteorological conditions may allow for vessels to come into contact with other

   vessels or mooring buoys and associated equipment and damage may occur and The Hirer agrees to indemnify

   Helford River Moorings, it’s Officers and its Agents against all claims for damage so caused to or by their vessel.


*Helford River Moorings and its Agents reserve the right to move the mooring if it is laid in the wrong position or if the

   vessel is fouling or interfering with another.


*Helford River Moorings and its Agents reserve the right to move The Hirer's vessel to another mooring or re-allocate


*The Hirer another mooring for reasons of safety or good management of the moorings.


*The Hirer will display, in full view, the authorised display sticker on the starboard side or stern of the vessel if requested

   to do so.


*The Hirer shall not use the vessel mentioned in this Agreement for the purpose of any trade or business without first

   obtaining written consent from Helford River Moorings or its Agents.


*The Hirer shall not permit any other vessel to be attached to the mooring without the written consent of Helford River

   Moorings or its Agents.


*The Hirer shall inform, in writing, Helford River Moorings or its Agents immediately of any changes in the registration

   details applicable to the vessel.


*This agreement shall be personal to the Hirer or spouse and is assignable only with the written consent of Helford

   River Moorings or its Agents.

*On the expiration of the Agreement, The Hirer shall remove the vessel immediately from the mooring. Failure to

   remove the vessel under these circumstances shall result in Helford River Moorings or its Agents having the right to

   remove this vessel and recover the costs of so doing from the Hirer.


*If the Hirer shall fail to perform or observe any of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, Helford River Moorings

   or its Agents shall be entitled to determine it forthwith.


*Helford River Moorings determines the right to employ Agents to act on its behalf.