General information


The pontoons on the south bank at Helford Point are privately owned, but you are welcome to land and leave your tender on them for a couple of hours. The owner only asks that you respect his privacy, especially at night, and that you make a small contribution towards their upkeep.

An honesty box for this purpose can be found on the side of the white hut above the pontoons.


You may also use the ferry landing stage at Helford Point to embark or disembark. Please note that tenders must not be left tied to either the slip or the quay, as this will impede the operation of the ferry.

Oyster beds

There are commercial oyster beds in Port Navas Creek and upstream of the mooring channel. Please ensure that you do not anchor in these areas.

Marine conservation

On account of the importance of its marine life, which includes commercial oyster beds, the whole of the Helford River has been declared a Voluntary Marine Conservation Area and a Designated Special Area of Conservation (SAC).


You are asked to help conserve the river’s marine life by not polluting the water and by avoiding disturbance to the sand and mud flats. This applies particularly to the rich habitats on the lower shore at Helford Passage, downstream from Helford Point, off Calamansack and between Durgan and Toll Point, where there are eelgrass beds.


It would be appreciated if you would record any interesting or unusual sightings of marine animals in the area and send them to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. Such information helps to gain a better understanding of the river’s marine environment.

Respect our river…

• Take care not to spill paint, oil or petrol into the water, as this may harm marine life

• Do not throw anything overboard, and avoid contaminating the water with solid or liquid waste

• The Helford’s marine life has been damaged by the use of paints containing TBT, so please use only approved paint formulations on your vessel

• The mud flats and shallow channels in the upper half of the river are occupied by commercial oyster beds: please do not anchor, or disturb the oysters in any way

• Please observe speed limits to avoid eroding the river banks with excessive wash

• Please do not dig for bait or shellfish


For further information and free leaflets, contact:

Helford Voluntary Marine Conservation Action Group.

Dingy storage


Dingy storage is available from the following:

Helford River Boats: 01326 250770

Helford River Sailing Club: 01326 213006

Glendurgan Gardens: 01326 252020

Please do not dispose of your litter overboard or leave it ashore anywhere other than in the skips provided at the disposal points at Helford River Sailing Club and Helford Passage. Please help us to keep the area as you would like to find it — free of litter.